The Seniors' Go-to Place for Group Travel

Exclusively for 55+year young adults, to explore the world with fun company!

PACQQ's Essence

Senior adults share their common passion for travel getting together with a pacqq (pack) of friends and sojourners. With their time traveling together, they explore the world in more than one way

Features of Pacqq Travels

  • 1
    Meet & Greet
    Making friends even before you start traveling
  • 2
    Travel Partner
    Solo travel is no problem as you meet a partner for you
  • 3
    Empathetic Tour Manager
    Champion tour managers and in championing compassion for all Seniors
  • 4
    Cuisine of Your Choice
    Expect preferred cuisine of choice
  • 5
    Hotels Suited to You
    Preferred Hotels that cater to most Senior's needs
  • 6
    Leisurely-Paced Trips
    Lesiurely time to soak in the places
  • 7
    Medical Support
    Doctor-on-Call for medical advise & guidance
  • 8
    Door-to-Door Service
    Home Pick-&-Drop on us!
  • 9
    No Hidden Trip Charges
    Trip prices are all inclusive with no late surprises


PACQQ group travel is always lively and lovely🌟 Whether you are solo, a pair of travelers or already a group, we facilitate your desire to travel. So choose your travel bucket list and let us know which to plan for you🤗

We Never Stop Smiling!

"So much done, yet so many yet to do" Say all travelers at PACQQ! How about you?


"There's only One way to have Fun" said No one ever at PACQQ! Here's some of the features by which our Seniors are known to optimise their group fun! And team PACQQ ensures to deliver! 

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    Age is not a number but a determined mind set and a go-getter attitude. To be able to fulfill some of our Seniors's bucket list, dreams and travel aspirations is an honour and a grateful opportunity for team PACQQ

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    There are people that party and there's us - PACQQers (travellers at PACQQ) - who travel to have parties! How cool is that? Singers, musicians, retired CXO's , teachers, cooks, doctors, ex-bankers who can shake a leg - we are always ready to celebrate travel-life together!

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    "What you seek, is seeking you" - Rumi. This quote comes through as we join a PACQQ tour separately, but leave with a new bunch of friends and comrades

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    Immersive trails, involved for of exploring and tasteful heritage of every destination we travel is quintessential to all our tours

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     Trying something different defines many of our tours, where we experience people, tradition, food, lifestyle in unique ways - forest therapy, homestay buffet, story telling by village leaders and much much more.

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What is the reason behind the existence of PACQQ ?

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About Us

"The needs of older adults is very different and our society is becoming aware in creating solutions for them. We realised this sooner while we were in Mumbai during our early corporate working days. When towards weekends and on offs we would volunteer with the elderly associations and communities. We continued and re-established initiatives when moving to Goa. Not only did we have our own elderly family members and their needs, but we also strove to understand other elders, retired adults etc., about their aspirations and socio-pyschological necessity of staying connected. The global pandemic only catapulted the necessity to value our relationships. In making their every moment of their lives & dreams count, the Pacqq team put their hearts and mind together in sewing together itineraries and travel plans and dedicate them to travel bonding and pure happiness"

Nitesh | Jacinta , Co-founders

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